“Two hot doses of electric medicine!” Shouted Tsal, as the second blast landed.
 Sparks flew as they slid down the corrugated metal roof, Kicking themself off the wall opposite, landing in a roll which aligned the muzzle of the still hot Laser directly with the alien’s broad forehead. Tsal gave a smirk “Give it up Rakkus, we’ve got you this time”.
 Rakkus only Snorted in response, his great lungs blasting sticky phlegm all over the earth between them. He had been hurt in the chase and the rest of Tsal’s team was converging on Their position, Tsal was confident they had finally caught the infamous Butcher of New Berlin, though he had given them more than the average bounty’s share of trouble. Shrakk arrived first and began preparing the grav-cell, once their charge was encased by the energy bonds in the cell there was no escaping until it had been delivered to the Penal Colonies, In fact there was no anything, once a Grav-Cell had locked, the captive was effectively frozen in time.
 Tsal stared down their sights, sweat beading on both their and the Huge Alien’s forehead. Rakkus’s huge chest barreling in and out with every pained breath. “Hurry up Shrakk, the faster we’re off this ugly world the better”
As Shrakk opened his mouth to respond, the ground shuddered, throwing all three of them clean into the air. Dazed, Tsal could hear voices on their helmet radio but they were completely unintelligible, the sky of the ugly world had changed in seconds from the brownish gray common to production colonies to a vibrant orange, there was a fire and it wasn’t a small one.
Tsal steadied themself, “blast!” they had lost track of Rakkus, the ancient criminal had taken the opportunity to escape, Butcher or not, the mad beast was canny. “Shrakk, Shrakk, Where…” the last word fell out of Tsal’s mouth as they saw Shrakk perfectly unharmed, but quite trapped in their own Grav-Cell.
 “Team we have a situation here, Squad member incapacitated, charge missing, converge on team leader” Tsal spit over the radio, Tsal was certain the explosion that had rocked their squad off it’s feet was no coincidence.
 “Moving to you now, we were pinned down by the refinery when that explosion went off, Since when does Rakkus work with the clans?”
“he’s never, something is off. We need to find our ground, we’re sitting ducks” Tsal ordered. 
The buildings in this sector were all prefab corporate living spaces. no one really owned them, the transient workforces would simply fill them up when there was work on the planetmine and leave when there was none. the planet had no censuses, the population vacillated wildly from millions to hundreds of millions every season. This made it an excellent staging ground for criminal elements, as in peak season it was too crowded to police and in an off season too sparse. These same criminal elements had begun to notice their presence. Tsal’s team was the best but even the best could be overrun.
 Tsal climbed to the top of one of the prefab structures, and raised their data pad, 10 new heat signatures in the immediate area, that number would certainly increase after the chaos in the square. Tsal kept a watchful eye as their teammates made their way into the square, the square in which their own technical expert was now occupying as something between a grotesque and a street lamp, the shock of being thrown into the trap clear in his eyes. Eirik averted their eyes from their captured ally. “Listen up donkeys because I’m only going to say this once” Announced Tsal, as they dropped down from their scouting position “we’re not done on this planet, Not yet”.

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